A Hard-Knock Life

“Live well. It is the greatest revenge.”  –  The Talmud

Many moons have passed since the last update, I hear some people were even wondering if we were still going. Well, reports of my death are an exaggeration, as Mark Twain said – I was simply too involved with the project.

But let’s start from the beginning. The last crew of Walde, Elin, and finally Kenny departed from Figueira da Foz, leaving me to my own devices. I crammed all the gymming and relaxing into the first week of my stay until Marco “el subcommandante” G turned up, who very kindly lent me a few days of his time to install a few beds on the boat. He brought with him Italian cuisine, taught me a few phrases in his native language, and generally turned out to be excellent company. Thanks Marco!

Later that week, we were joined by charming Jo G. I bought a moribund […]

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In defense of the glorious amateur

“The white men are landing. Cannons! Now we must be baptized, get dressed, and go to work.”  –  Rimbaud

Having received some fanmail, I decided to make up a quick response. Find the full message below.

“couple of young tourist guys jerking off along the sunny coasts of europe,drinking beers partying and blaring of with such confidence, trying to finance a cruise with others money and help.Spontanious decision making and comfortable ports to repair,(an excuse to drink and show off),thank goodness for the trades.Think you that you are the first to do this trip?When you wake up and require help seriously get a pro on board and pay.In the mean time have a good one while it lasts.”

Dedicated to fanmail dude for inspiring me 🙂

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