“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  –  Helen Keller

Having set off from Cherbourg sometime around the 18th of April (I should really be taking that logbook business more seriously!) we reached Guernsey after 8 hours of motoring through a dead-calm version of the feared Audierne race with numerous filter changes. We spent a few days on Guernsey, a weird tax oasis under direct control of the crown; here, we cleaned and emptied the much-troubled contaminated fuel tank and got some super cheap diesel.

This was followed by a big leg around the end of Brittany towards Brest. The strong high pressure at the time meant delightful weather and zero wind, so we were once again motoring along. The French customs decided to board around midnight. I love them, I really do. They arrived on an unlit cutter on my watch, and the first sign of them was a huge searchlight in my face and noise on the radio. Eventually […]